Digital Media Master’s Degree Graduation

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I love the College of Communication and Design’s Digital Media program at LYNN University. It is state-of-the-art. I mostly enjoyed the organic feeling of drawing on notepads, re-learning perspective (after studying in Florence, Italy), scanning the drawings and then digitally painting them in Photoshop. My main project for the Drawing and Design class was a book cover for my upcoming Florence, Italy travel guide. I also loved the Photography courses with Ellen Stern and Professional Media Presentation with Harry Murphy – which was like Toastmaster’s on steroids.

Here is a sample of my photography… and here is my portfolio, saved as a Multi-touch book. (You will need to enroll in the iTunes U course, which houses the book, to be able to download it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.)

This is my second master’s degree. My first master’s degree is in Educational Leadership with a focus on Adult & Community Education. I’ve found my career niche by parlaying a strong background in filmmaking and publishing into academia where I currently assist faculty with course design, educational videos, and designing media-rich Multi-touch books. My personal philosophy is that courses should be designed in a learner-centric manner, with everything in one place, in bite-sized learning chunks with engaging activities and aligned assessments for effective outcomes. My experience (as a student with two masters degrees – in addition to attending The Los Angeles Film School) is that project-based assignments have had the most impact on my learning. My preferred Instructional Design model is Backwards Design. I always design using Bloom’s Taxonomy outcomes to indicate what students should be able to do upon successful completion of a course or activity. When teaching workshops to faculty in using educational technologies, I make sure they have practical, hands-on activities so the learning sticks.

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