Fishermen’s Village ~ A Note from Admiral Norton’s Journal

Ahoy! Gather round and let me speak, tell of a story. T’was the last weekend in July, 2014. The weather was hot, and we, the lady Oriana dei Medici and myself, had just entered the last leg of our journey to the Punta Gorda.  She had trade business to attend to there, and I forever be her body guard.  Due to inclement weather, and poorly marked trade routes, we arrived late in the evening, later than we had planned. When we finally found our house of refuge, we discovered it had been overrun by pirates!  The pirates hadn’t looted or murdered… yet!  We were weary and tired from our journey and so we thought we’d take our chances. The inn keeper was finally able to honor our lodging agreement, but only barely. The pirates were everywhere, spread out across the whole town!  I cautioned Lady Oriana to reschedule her meetin’, but she insisted.  Once we dotted all the aye’s and crossed all the x’s, I sent the lady off to get a jump start on her trade meetin’ and I stayed back at the inn to get all our affects stowed away in our stateroom.  Lady Oriana went to the Grand Ballroom to meet her clients.  T’was only once I finally arrived, did I realize just exactly who her clients were.  I entered the Great Hall, made my way to the Grand Ballroom, and low and behold, T’was full of sea-dogs and scallywags!  Pirates all around, as far as a man could see – with his good eye!  Now at this point, I were sure certain I’d be fightin’ my way out of there that night, but then one of them offered me a drink!  Well, tis one thing about pirates, if they offer you a swig, ye best drink it. The last thing ye want to do is offend a pirate!  So I guzzled it down.  Before long, they offered me another, and yet still, even another after that!  The candles burned so quickly that night, and before I knew where I were, I found myself stumblin’ into our state room, the Lady already peacefully asleepin’.  I felt awful dizzy, and with a knock to my head, I wen’t crashing to the floor.  Next things I knows, tis daylight and the Lady be dousin’ me with buckets of wash water!  She insisted that we had another appointment, but she hadn’t discussed it with me prior. Alls I were to do, per our original agreement, were’s to escort her to the Great Hall and back, but this side adventure was something new.  She insisted that we make haste and trek on down the coast to the Fisherman’s Village. It sounded safe enough so I obliged her fancy, and we embarked right then and there.  We made it almost there, but a thousand paces away, when I realized something smelt fishy. When we finally made it into the gates, my guts were proven correct!  This place was no small fishing village for the elderly, like I had thought, t’was a den of pirates!  This place made the night before look like a walk on the beach.  These pirates were serious. They’d set up shop, literally!  They had all kinds of loot and treasure laid out in shinning splendor, ready for trade. I was shocked to find that they had a cornucopia of various culinary masterpieces to savor and gorge oneself on. There was food and drink and merriment, singing, dancing, and even some fightin’.  The feast was in full swing!

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