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Captain Bella of South Florida Pirates chimes in with Girl’s Guide to Travel & Adventure.

Name: Arabella Drummond

Alias: Retired Captain of the South Florida Pirates

Motto: There’s a little witch in all of us.

Occupation: Hatter at Bella’s Head Shoppe

Hobbies: I love to go to any festival that involves costuming! I must have been a hatter in a past life; never get tired of it!

Town: Currently in Boca Raton and will be retiring to Ocala (FL) in September.

Recommendations for things to do in Florida for visitors:
Boynton Beach Pirate Fest
Florida Renaissance Festival
Zombie walk in Fort Lauderdale
See the Ocean at night from any beach!

Fave restaurant and dish/es to get there:
Muddy Waters’ Chicken Strips are always cooked to perfection; must have their honey mustard with Sweet Iced Tea.

Soundtrack to your life right now: Practical Magic (from the film)

Three things you cannot adventure without:
Can’t travel without hats, garb, and boots.

Favorite Book: The complete works of Edgar Allan Poe

Adventure attire:
Pirating is the adventure for me so: Pendragon, Boss Wench, and Needle Fairy.

Fave Florida bands: Celtic Mayhem, The Craic, and Bawdy Boys.

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