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While this may be a blog/book geared towards the ladies, that does not mean we do not seek the advice of gentlemen. We asked Joe Pasco, the mead-maker man himself, for his Sunshine State recommendations and preferences. 

Name: Thomas Pasco

Nickname: The Nutty Professor

Occupation: Owner/Vintner Royal Manor Meadery and Winery

Hobbies: My hobby is my work, making Mead.

Town: Interlachen

Must-things to do in Florida (for visitors):
Visit Florida’s favorite Winery, Royal Manor
Florida’s amazing natural springs
St. Augustine
Key West
pretty much in that order

Fave restaurant and dish/es to get there:
Sam’s St. Johns Seafood; nothing fancy just good food at a good price.

Current Life Soundtrack:
Bob Marley: Don’t Worry Be Happy

Three things you cannot adventure without:
Best friend (Wanda), Mead/Wine, Plan (optional)

Fave book:
A Land remembered (Florida History)

Adventure Attire:
I like to adventure in my Highland Kilt company, Kilt and period Shirt, with my Son of Sandar Boots

Favorite local band/artist/filmmaker/performer: The Craic

Website for more info: http://www.royalmanorwinery.com/

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