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Martial Arts master, Phoenix Le Grand, is a friend to Girl’s Guide to Travel and Adventure. Check out his insights and get in top-shape for your adventures. 🙂

Name: Jean Francois Le Grand

Alias and Title: Phoenix
Master Jean Francois
“Phoenix” Le Grand
Phoenix Sensei
Master Juice

Occupation: Creator, Founder, Chief Master Instructor of Lost Legacy Systems Traditional MMA
School of Martial Arts in South Florida
President/CEO of It’s Your Best Kept Secret Multi-media Group, Inc.
Fitness Trainer at Various Gyms within the South FL Area
Professional Actor / Model / Fight & Stunt Choreographer

Hobbies: My hobbies really aren’t “hobbies,” in that sense of the word. Rather, they are my livelihood and all a part of the LEGACY that I am creating and building upon each day through my businesses and associations. Photography / Videography Writing / Recording Artist & Talent Development

City: North Lauderdale, FL

Florida Must-Do’s:
South Beach, for the Art Deco buildings
Disney World, for my girls
Universal Studios, for the Spiderman ride

Fave restaurant and dish to get there: Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant, Magnolia Shoppes in Coral Springs
Yellow Curry Chicken w/ Jasmine Rice

Soundtrack of my life: “Invincible” by Machine Gun Kelly

Recommended reading:
Book: “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen
Blog: Shireen Sandoval

3 Things I cannot adventure without:
My Family – for love, companionship & sharing experiences
My Martial Arts Lineage – for foundation, perspective & introspection
My Love to Inspire – “Each One Teach One” – The Legacy Continues…

Fave Florida artist:
1) Soulflower
2) Mecca aka Grimo
Adventure attire:
1) Pharaonic Brand
2) the Lees

Favorite drink: Wheat grass
Fave Quote: Carpe Diem. ~ Roman Poet: Horace
For more information, visit www.lostlegacysystems.com / @lostlegacymma

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