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Rachel Galvin is one of those people you instantly like within nanoseconds of meeting her. Sweet, fun, down-to-earth, smart, hardworking, and trustworthy. Her book, Basics of the Biz is a fun read about breaking into showbiz. She also has her own online publication, Independent Streak Magazine, and recently won Best Freelance Writer by Women in the Arts – Miami. She took some time from her busy schedule to give us the inside, cultural scoop on Deerfield Beach, the city she currently resides in.

Name: Rachel Galvin

Occupation: Writer/ Editor / Actress

Hobbies: Watching TV/ movies, learning other languages, gardening, walking, drawing

City you live in: Deerfield Beach

Favorite quote: Keep your nose to the wind and your tail to yourself… By Commander USA …haha

Your recommendations for 3 – 5 must-things to do in Deerfield Beach:
• Head to the beach and walk the pier.
• Stroll through the Arboretum, which is free and recently added a man-made rainforest.
• Hike through Quiet Waters Park, camp in one of their cabins, or enjoy water sports at SkiRixen.
• Go on a tour through the historic Butler House and adjoining Kester cottage.

Fave restaurant and dish/es to get there:
• Kevin’s Sushi & Thai (California Roll & Age Tofu)
• Oceans 234 (the chicken lettuce wraps or spinach salad are favs for a light bite)
• 2 Georges at The Cove (the Dolphin sandwich with fries)
–all three are great places to take a guest.

Soundtrack to your life right now:
She Works Hard For the Money by Donna Summer

Three things you cannot adventure without:
Camera, notebook/ pen and hand sanitizer. (I am a germaphobe!)

Recommended reading, your fave book/s and or blog:
“7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Steven Covey
“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay
“The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss – just a few off the top of my head.

Favorite Florida artist/filmmaker/band/performer:
• Artist–Tabatha Mudra because she not only takes chances and creates powerful messages and beautiful art, but she forms teams and goes out of her way to teach and work with others; plus, she this tiny powerhouse is filled with enthusiasm and contagious energy. She is a photographer and filmmaker, but I really classify her in the art category overall.
• Filmmaker—Barbie Castro- because she strives for quality and professionalism, bringing top people to work with her and having the tenacity to see her projects through (which is so rare here), finding a way to showcase her own talents in the process, which is most actors’ dream.
• Band–The Blues Brothers Band is a lot of fun. I like watching Andrew Morris perform as well with his down-home charm and country rock songs.–both frequent Deerfield events.

Favorite drink: Chai tea for sure.

Adventure attire: Well,if I am going to do a lot of walking– shorts, short-sleeved shirt, sneakers and socks with hair in a ponytail.

Websites for more info:
Check out my magazine – www.independentstreakmagazine.com. (I also work for several publications).

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