St. Augustine, the Ancient City

 For many who do not know, in Florida, we have a very special city, St. Augustine, which is the oldest European city in America. I love Saint Augustine, because it is so historical, and the Native American presence can also be felt.

My recommended itinerary for visiting Saint Augustine is as follows:

  • Sleep at the Howard Johnson, to get the best rate in the Old City. It’s also right next to the world famous Ponce de Leon park. You can walk under the canopy of tall trees covered in moss, drink the fountain of youth waters, see how the Indians lived, go inside the planetarium to see how the Spaniards navigated their ships across the waters, and just bask in the energy and see what stories are whispered in you ears.
  • Go to the Fort, and see how they built it out of coquina shells.
  • Visit Flagler College (it’s almost as amazing as Hogwarts!)
  • Go to the Mission of Nombre de Dios. You can pick wild Rosemary! Walk through the cemetery. Light a candle in the La Leche shrine and charming chapel. Look for wildlife; you may see the resident eagle perched on top of the larger than life cross.
  • Go to the Pirate and Treasure Museum to learn the history of Pirates and see the Artifacts.
  • Have a tour inside the Memorial Presbyterian Church built by Flagler, inspired by Venice, Italy. His daughter is buried there.
  • Walk down St. George street, and have fun seeing all of the characters dressed in garb. You never know, they may be spirits from long ago!
  • Go on a walking ghost tour.
  • Get a Living Social coupon for the Pirate Ship tour, and see St. Augustine from the water, while listening to ancient stories.
  • Walk inside the Basilica Cathedral, and you will feel like you’re walking into Spain.
  • Tour the Colonial Quarter, and learn how things were done in the old city. The building and atmosphere has been preserved. Also, the Spanish Quarter Museum! You buy the tickets inside the Pirates Museum, and can get a combo deal.
  • Go inside the Greek Orthodox church and marvel at the lovely mosaic and architecture.
  • Snap fun pictures of the statue of David in front of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.
  • Tour the Nation’s Oldest Schoolhouse, and get your diploma!
  • Dress up in ancient garb and have your pictures done!
  • Kiss your lover under the Lover’s Tree!

If you want to learn about more places, check out The Five Treasures of Florida, Volume I, on the iTunes Store.

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