Zero Point Consciousness – The Journey Within

According to William Lee Rand’s The Origin of All Is Pure Consciousness, Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in his book, The God Theory, surmises that “consciousness could be based on the Zero-Point Field. The Zero-Point Field is a field of light that exists on a hidden dimension and is different than regular light. He indicates that this field may be responsible for creating consciousness, that it preceded the Big Bang, and that it is responsible for manifesting the material world. This idea connects in an interesting way with the meaning of the Reiki Distant Healing symbol. This idea is further validated by consciousness researcher Stuart Hameroff and physicist Roger Penrose. They say that both matter and consciousness arise out of a space that is 25 orders of magnitude smaller than an atom called the Planck scale where fundamental space time geometry is located. Matter and consciousness arise out of this space. This happens continually in our brains to create human consciousness where quantum effects take place.”

In other words, there is no time and space, and when you have assumed this field’s viewpoint, you are looking at the world while hanging out with your father in the cosmos, from his viewpoint, and at one with all. Stillness, unlimited creation yet you’re not invested in anything outside of yourself. The total still point of being-ness without any doing-ness or having-ness. I often am overwhelmed by life’s mundane and feel the need to escape into the higher levels in the field of Zero Point Consciousness. Here are some pictures that make me happy. The field supports all that is love. Hoʻoponopono.

Press play on the Youtube video below and listen to the music as you scroll down and look at the pictures…


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