The Five Treasures of Florida takes viewers on a tour of Florida’s most hidden and precious locations.

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The Five Treasures of Florida, Volume I, is a travel guide providing first-hand insight into a selection of Florida’s natural, historical and cultural wonders. This guide is chock-full of adventure, locals’ advice and interactivity featuring image galleries, videos, art, and music.

Your Key to Paris: A Guide to Unlocking Adventure is an interactive guide which provides unique travel recommendations as well as resources to having an amazing experience in the City of Light. Replete with colorful images, interactive widgets, and videos, “Your Key to Paris” is an immersive preparation for your epic adventure.

My Epic California Adventure: A Travel Journal brings readers through California’s treasured beauties including Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Carmel by the Sea, San Francisco, Muir Woods, Castello di Amorosa in Napa, Bodega Bay, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Hollywood. Helpful information for unique Airbnbs, wonderful activities, natural and cultural history, and delicious dining is also provided. Maximize your California experience with this fun, caring travel guide.

The Medici Renaissance in Florence was written as my master degree’s thesis project and is loaded with photos, professional videos, and interviews with Italian historians in Florence. The Medici Renaissance in Florence tells the story of how a few men in search of ancient knowledge ignited a new age of enlightenment called the Renaissance based on rediscovered ancient and classical manuscripts. The Medici bankers as patrons of the arts and sciences, collected and studied the ancient manuscripts of Egypt, Greece, and Rome and disseminated the information throughout their community of Florence, building “la bella citta” a center of art, literature, architecture, and science.