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I recently had a work trip for the Canvas conference in Keystone, CO. Once my SW flight landed in CO, I hopped on the train and headed straight to downtown Denver. The 16th Street Mall in Denver is the place to be. People can walk around and hop on ‘n off all of the buses that cruise up and down the street for free, and there are no other cars. People in Denver were also so nice and accommodating, answering all of my questions and helping me get to where I needed to go, which was of course – the art museum! The Denver Art Museum is huge. I saw everything, and included a gallery for you to see (below). The second floor features Western American art, the third floor features Modern and Contemporary art (Oceanic), and the fourth floor features Modern and Contemporary Art (Fuse Box). I headed straight to the sixth floor in the north building to see the European & American art collection with works by Monet and Renoir. So beautiful, luminous, and masterful. There were also works by students of Leonardo da Vinci which transported me back to Italy. I then made my way down to the remaining floors which included Asian, Pre-Colombian, Spanish Colonial, and American Indian. You can experience it all too by viewing the artwork captured in the photo gallery, below. Afterwards, I enjoyed a healthy lunch at Modern Market worth writing home about (also in photos), then made my way back to the airport to hop on a shuttle headed for mountainous Keystone. See Keystone adventure in the next post!

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