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After beholding the beautiful works of art from Denver’s Art Museum, I needed to go back to the airport via train (20 minute ride) in order to catch the Mountain Express shuttle to Keystone (2 hour ride). By the time I arrived in Keystone, night had fallen. My room was at a Swiss-Alps-Reminiscent B&B called Ski Tip Lodge, and I give them five stars for good vibes. The minute I arrived, I plopped off my backpack of minimalist belongings and headed to the Keystone Conference Center for the Jewel concert.

Yes, Jewel serenaded the mass of techie attendees with transformative stories and sweet songs.

The next morning, I awoke early due to the two-hour time difference, and enjoyed a walk around the beautiful area at an elevation of 9,173′. Believe me, I got in as much hiking and learning as I could. Instructure pulled out all of the stops with their state-of-the-art Canvas conference. I learned so much, met kindred spirits, and am so grateful to have been a part of it.


I fell in love with the Ski Tip Lodge and treasure my time there. Please see photos below and you’ll see why…

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