Piscean Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to me, the Pisces principessa!

Today is a chilly Sunday in South Florida. As I sit in my cozy bedroom sipping on the Elixir of the Gods (hot yogi tea made from scratch), basking near the warm, dancing light of my Pacifica Persian Rose candle, I reminisce on the miraculous events that transpired since my last birthday. A manifesto to share with my fellow dreamers and miracle makers…

Reflecting back on 2012, I had a few miracles ~ some that grew from imagined setbacks. The universe constantly engages me to make quantum leaps. The main highlights are:

getting an awesome position at a global company where I produce fun training videos for thousands of associates in the field
winning 1st place in Lavazza’s The Italian Experience Art & Culture video contest (a free trip to Italy)
 designing this website
 am finally conversant in Adobe After Effects
finishing the majority of my Master Degree’s coursework in ACE at FAU (3.8 GPA thus far)
swimming with the dolphins in Key Largo with my cousin from Austria
 seeing dolphins in the wild (afar) while on a sunset cruise in Key West
 St. Augustine for my Bday with my bro & his gf
riding the Murder Mystery Dinner Train in Fort Myers with Italy roomie for our mutual Pisces Bdays
snagging a shiny red new car with .09% financing… meaning $400 total in interest during the life of a 5 year loan
 725 middle credit score
being in a position to help my family
adding to my circle of Mentors my graduate school Goddess counselor and her unwavering support
 gaining my Manager’s trust, confidence and empowerment, allowing me to do the work I love

For my birthday this year, I would like to ask the Universe to add a few things to my life:

 Graduate with my Masters degree in May | awesome thesis mobile app dedicated to the Medici’s rebirth of enlightenment
 have a miraculous return trip to my heart’s second home of Florence
someone who laughs and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, while they’re dressed like this:

 someone who is still in awe at how wonderful life can be.

 someone who’s comfortable in their own skin.
 someone who takes risks.
 someone who bounces back.
 someone who has faith in humanity.
 someone who loves animals.
 someone who likes adventure.

 and I would like to have a dress  like this:

 and another dress like this…

 and shoes like this…

 to wear here:

 and here:

 Mi piace questo video…

 e questo…

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