My Florence Experience

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Firenze is the jewel in the crown of Italia, with more art and architectural treasures than any other place in the world. Stepping into the city feels like taking a time machine into the heart of the Italian Renaissance of the Medici, it’s most famous art patrons, residents and financiers. Firenze is a town you can walk on foot, and every step reveals breathtaking vistas of priceless statuary, churces, palazzos, all filled with paintings, frescoes and murals. Firenze is a living museum, a timeless golden city where the past enlivens and breathes the present. This city of art, imagined by artists, poets and scientists of high Renaissance genius like Dante, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Galileo, became real with the passions and gold of the Medici and other timeless visionaries, bringing us out of the Dark Ages and ushering in a vibrant new humanistic world, our modern world. The magic and beauty of Firenze, bursting with treasures within its palaces and churches, plazas filled with sculptures of gods and men in their beauty and power, suspends you in the time of the men who made this city their home and the fulcrum of their world – and ours still.

I count Firenze, Italia as one of my most treasured memories and unforgettable experiences. There really is no place like it with its beauty, people and amazing experiences.

Florence, Italy is pure Magic.


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