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Villa Sinclair, Love is in the air! That’s Hughes’ motto; he is the owner of this precious gem of a villa on Hollywood beach.

I love Villa Sinclair because it is like a Europe villa on a beautiful beach. Hughes is very nice and has excellent taste. The art and suites are authentic, classy, and comfy ~ very well appointed and decorated with a French Parisian-Mediterranean Touch. I love Hughes’ French accent and the way he put together his villa in the heart of Hollywood beach, right next to the boardwalk.

Obviously, I am not the only one who loves Villa Sinclair. It has earned the First & Only Hollywood Hotel BBB Certified with A rating 3 Diamond AAA awardMaybe because of the way each suite is prepared and named after famous French artists such as the Monet Suite, Renoir suite, Matisse suite, Van Gogh suite, Picasso Suite, and the one I am staying in, the Gauguin suite. I love it here so much, that I had to come and film a short docu-promo, to let people know about the place.

Before you have a look at more of Hughes’ professional iPhone photography and the docu-promo I created for Villa Sinclair, here are a few facts…

  • The building was first built in 1940, and had stood abandoned for many years.  The neighbors all thought Hugh was crazy when he first made the investment. Yet, he saw the potential in this building, and worked hard to make Villa Sinclair into the paradise that it is today.

  • The hotel’s appointments, from the European-style fountain and pool to the secluded Tropical Beach Spa, are all designed to pamper both the body and the soul.
  • Wanting to share his love and enthusiasm for fine art, Hughes made it the running theme of his hotel.  Each suite is named after one of the great masters and serves as a showcase for local artists.

  • Upon arrival, guests are treated to first-class hospitality that rivals every other hotel on Hollywood Beach. Upon entering their suite, guests will find a fresh pineapple as a welcome gift, a tradition that goes back to the hotel’s beginning.

  • We also get coconut shampoo & conditioner.
  • On Friday nights, guests can also enjoy free Movie Night on a six-foot projection screen set up in the courtyard.
  • And every Friday evening, guests are treated to complimentary champagne by the fire.

  • After nine years in business, many couples have returned here with their kids that they made right here, at Villa Sinclair.  And, because they’re under 12 years of age, their kids stay for free!

If you’re looking for a weekend get-away on the beach with class… Villa Sinclair is the place for you. Check out the video I made and please pardon the audio quality.

If you want to learn about more places, check out The Five Treasures of Florida, Volume I, on the iTunes Store.

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