Trip to Italy, 2013

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Blogger times here again as I think back to my last adventure travel to Italy.  I have so much footage I could start a travel magazine on Florence alone! I hope you enjoy my videos and stories of solo travel since traveling alone is such a rewarding experience.  You can easily find cheap plane tickets and vacation packages including international flights and Italy tours to places such as Florence and Perugia. I encourage you to pick an airline, get going and send me the link to your new blog! 🙂

I was blessed to win a vacation package and have an opportunity to create more videos of my favorite places to share with you. As many of you recall, I submitted a video into Lavazza‘s The Italian Experience, and won the Arts & Culture Category.

The prize consisted of a 3 day trip to Perugia for four, a stay at Sangallo Palace Hotel, and Umbria’s Jazz Fest tickets. I asked that I go alone, and they extended my stay to include 6 days in Florence! I lived there for a short time and was thrilled to get to spend more time with the friends I’ve made.

Below are two videos… the first one is of Perugia, dedicated to Lavazza for my amazing adventure.  The second video is about Florence; I was so happy to revisit.

You can also see an activities video I created for my Italian language school in Florence, Scuola Toscana.

I am still dreaming of Florence!…….

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