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Ahoy mateys! The Admiral Norton and I, Oriana dei Medici, had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Vero Beach Pirate Festival hosted by Pirates of the Treasure Coast. We stocked our coffers full of Mahina Coco, the best coconut rum in the world, along with the black gold of the Kraken. ::Piratical essentials:: After we stowed our ship at the charming Sea Spray Inn, we headed over to Riverside Park. There, under the oaks gowned in Spanish moss, we enjoyed crepes and pita pizzas from Dragon Inn’s food booth outfitted like a castle. We loved the cool names for plates such as Dragon Scales for mac and cheese and Dragon Toes for humongous chicken nuggets. In the open field, a cannon and weapons demo took place along with a full-on pirate melee. After the show, we strolled about and did a bit of shopping. I happened upon my sapphire-eyed-seamstress, Jennifer. We met at the Cocoa Beach Pirate Festival back in June. I commissioned her fine talents of designing my custom Oriana dei Medici cloak make of red linen and gold cottony-silk with the Medici crest emblazoned on the chest with an Assassin’s Creed style hood. Hey, I might not be a total Pirate but I am an full-on Rennie! Pictures of the complete cloak are soon to follow. She also makes the best soaps. After using her all natural soaps, such as Waking Beauty made with orange and lemon essential oils, turmeric, and paprika –  anything less is just uncivilized! I also love some of her other soaps: Cinderella (light with Shea butter and vanilla); Hansel & Gretel (with cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, and vanilla oil); Prince Charming (for my Admiral and made with cinnamon, turmeric, and carnation oil); Papa Bear (made with coffee grounds, cinnamon, and peppermint essentials oil); and last but not least – Dragon’s Blood with vitamin E for your protection. If you’ve fallen in love just by reading about my custom cloak and these soaps, place your order here.  At night, we jammed out to the tunes of Rusty Cutlass, A-Tribe, and The Bawdy Boys while sipping on Brinley Gold Shipwreck coconut rum cream with a floater of their vanilla rum for only $5 a pop! We had 2 days of stress-blasting fun then ’twas back to reality. Check out the short but sassy ‘n sweet video below to see the encampment, weapons demo, awesome music and people! Stay in the loop of all of The Pirates of the Treasure Coast events, and see you at the next one.

If you want to learn about more places, check out The Five Treasures of Florida, Volume I, on the iTunes Store.

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